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Paige Williams, PhD: initiator, activator, cheerleader, teacher, researcher, leader, keynote speaker in Australia

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Paige Williams is not your average presenter.

She combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence based data and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner-table conversation.

Paige is an initiator, activator, cheerleader, teacher, researcher & leader. As a positive change solutionary Paige helps people uncover the ways to lead better, perform better, live better and be better.

A catalyst for change, Paige provides clear, practical pathways that inspire people to do something different and give them the confidence to take purposeful action.

A PhD, with more than 15 years’ international business leadership experience, Paige’s distinct skill is taking the latest research evidence and making it relevant and real to organizations and the people in them.

Paige decodes the ‘science-babble’ and translates in a way that makes sense to her audience so that they can do something with it.

People leave Paige’s sessions inspired, informed and entertained, with the energy and know-how to do something better.

Paige’s clients include:

Paige Williams, PhD clients include: Adroit Insurance Group, City of Ballarat, Committee for Geelong, Geelong Grammar School, Centre for Workplace Leadership, Magistrates' Court of Victoria, St John of God Hospital Frankston, Specsavers and TAC.

Choose better leadership, performance, change.

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